To date, the NCPL has sponsored thirty one major annual conferences and twenty eight mini-conferences. These events have provided a neutral forum for noted scholars and practitioners, both in law and in related disciplines, along with government regulators and nonprofit organization managers, to exchange ideas.

The NCPL’s major annual conferences are intellectually rigorous and carefully balanced, with different speakers presenting and arguing for disparate views. In these conferences, conferees discuss major issues arising at the intersections of Philanthropy and the Law. The NCPL publishes and makes available on-line the papers presented at each annual confer­ence to dissemi­nate more broad­ly significant thinking on the legal questions facing nonprofit organizations.

The NCPL’s mini-conferences enable the NCPL to convene relevant experts, on short notice, in order to react to specific events and issues arising in the nonprofit sector. The conference attendees participate in an informal discussion, without papers, presenters, or speakers to encourage rigorous and open discussion on a timely topic. The NCPL uses this format to respond quickly and effectively to legal issues arising in the nonprofit sector. The NCPL hosts these conferences in New York City and in Washington, D.C.