Self-Regulation Report

Study on Models of Self-Regulation in the Nonprofit Sector

The Self-Regulation Report (Report) was prepared at the request of the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector. The information set forth in this Report was gathered through research, literature searches, networking with experts in the field of self-regulation, and a conference convened by the NCPL at New York University School of Law on January 31, 2005.

The Report includes:

  1. an overview of the Report,
  2. a narrative description of certain factors that might impact the effectiveness of various models of self-regulation,
  3. a description of selected organizations and their self-regulatory models,
  4. a chart that combines 2 and 3 above, i.e., which lists the self-regulatory organizations identified in 3 above, and indicates the extent to which and the manner in which each organization illustrates the factors identified in 2 above, and
  5. a statement of our conclusions as to which of the examined factors have the most impact on the effectiveness of the selected regulatory schemes.

A copy of the Report is available in PDF format: Study on Models of Self-Regulation in the Nonprofit Sector